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Train your employees to protect the company against cyber threats with a fun online game Clashing.

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About the game

Clashing is a professional online training course on information security in a form of a card game, allowing employees to learn the principles of safe behaviour in the cyber environment as well as acquire correct habits outside of it in an entertaining way.

The participants compete with colleagues, with one of them posing as an attacker and the other as an employee. Thanks to Clashing, the entire team will receive professional training in the key area of cyber and information security.

Entertaining training

With Clashing, the employees will no longer be bored during training. Thanks to the card game format, they will educate themselves in a natural and automatic way and will want to play the game again.

Attacker’s point of view

Every employee can play Clashing from a point of view of the attacker, too. This will help them learn better and solidify their security habits.

Natural education

Thanks to Clashing, employees learn without being aware of it. They repeatedly read the contents of the cards and search for connections between threats and effective defense techniques several times during each game.

Colleagues as opponents

Every employee can compare their results with those of their colleagues and challenge them to a duel. Turn your company into a training battleground.

How to play

Hacker vs. Zaměstnanec

Clashing je karetní on-line hra pro dva uživatele. Každý z hráčů má za úkol buď chránit svou organizaci jako zaměstnanec anebo ji jako hacker napadnout.

Rychlý souboj

Clashing je karetní on-line hra pro dva uživatele. Každý z hráčů má za úkol buď chránit svou organizaci jako zaměstnanec anebo ji jako hacker napadnout.

Vyhodnocení tahů

V průběhu celé hry mají hráči možnost zjistit více informací o dané problematice. Automaticky se jim objeví třeba při úspěšném odražení útoku hackera.

Porovnání s kolegy

Na konci každé hry mohou zaměstnanci porovnat své skóre s ostatními. Po splnění požadovaného množství soubojů pro proškolení si mohou zahrát i jen pro zábavu.

Hacker vs. employee

Clashing is an online card game for two players. Their task is either to protect their organization as an employee, or attack it as a hacker.

Quick duel

The hacker’s task is to present cards with potential cyber attacks to which the employee must react and prepare effective defense. One game takes about 15 minutes.

Evaluation of moves

During the game, players have the possibility of finding more information on the issues at hand. They will appear automatically, for instance after a hacker’s attack is successfully defended.


Clashing game reflects the increasing risk of security incidents at a workplace, and the apathy of employees towards existing educational processes. Employees have become a key risk factor in cyber protection. Thanks to Clashing, companies are able to reverse this negative trend.

Game environments

Employees are tested on tasks from everyday life, for instance in the area of physical access to buildings, working with documents, and the most important habits of working with a computer. Employees can be assigned various game environments depending on their roles within the organization.


Employees in international teams can also enjoy Clashing. They can play against each other, each of them playing in the language of their choice. At the moment, the game is available in Czech, English version is coming shortly. Other languages will be added soon as well.

Easy administration

Importing and administering employees is now done manually in an intuitive administrative environment. We will soon enhance the administration system with automated functions.


Each client has the option to edit additional explanations of security rules to better reflect the needs of the specific company environment. The client can also choose or limit the content to make it more relevant for their organization.


Team leaders and HR teams can follow the success rate of the training course as well as other activities of the participants on the platform.

Compliance with norms

Clashing complies with the current legal regulations and norms. It reflects the requirements of the norm ISO/IEC 27001:2014, Czech Cybersecurity Act (NIS Directive implementation), the GDPR as well as NIST and ENISA recommendations.

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When will Clashing be available?

Czech version was launched in May 2020 with the first three modules, covering office environment, outside of office and home office modules. The English version and another area / module (for example phishing module, social networks etc.) will be available in the summer of 2020.

Does the game content correspond to standards?

Yes, the content of the game corresponds to standards, regulations and best practices including GDPR, Cybersecurity Act, ISO 27k, NIST, ENISA.

Can the game pass as evidence of training?

Yes, completing the game serves is an evidence of proper training in the given area. It can also supplement existing training programmes.

How is the game installed and what are the requirements?

The game runs as a cloud service with no installation needed. Connecting to the game only requires a common web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge.

In which languages is the game available?

In Czech, with English version coming soon. Other languages are being planned.