Cyber Security Awareness Training

Trénink kybernetické bezpečnosti formou online hry pro firmy i instituce.
I školení může být zábava!

Cybersecurity training in a gaming format for companies and institutions. Even training can be fun!

Clashing je vzdělávací zábavná online hra, která dokáže plně nahradit běžná a často nezábavná školení v oblasti ICT bezpečnosti.

Clashing zajišťuje nejen awareness, ale i skutečnou změnu chování v oblasti ICT bezpečnosti.

Připraveni na souboj s hackerem? Naučte se, jak efektivně ochránit svou organizaci proti kybernetickým útokům.

Clashing minimalizuje bezpečnostní rizika moderním a efektivním způsobem, k tréninku využívá princip hry.

Díky soutěživé herní platformě už nebudete svůj tým nudit, naopak, trénink v oblasti kybernetické bezpečnosti je bude bavit.


Clashing training is used by major companies.


CLASHING: Cybersecurity training in a gaming format

Clashing is a gaming style training format that creates good habits of safe behaviour in the company and when working from home.

With Clashing you can increase your company's information security and cybersecurity and protect your data and know-how. Let your employees play Clashing and don’t give hackers a chance.

Training doesn’t have to be boring

Clashing is fun for users.
And that which is fun is also better and easier remembered. With repeated training they automate the correct reactions and then respond faster and, more importantly, correctly in the event of a real security threat. 

Realistic scenarios for effective training

Clashing uses real situations.
These are situations that most people have experienced themselves. Clashing not only focuses on how to work in the office, but also remotely, whether from a café or from home.

Also try the attacker’s view

Clashing can also be played as the attacker.
This will help them learn from the attacks and reinforce their safety habits. Users can also choose whether to play against the computer or their colleagues.

Co na Clashing říkají naši zákazníci

I have personally given gamification activities quite a lot of attention. Clashing was the first project that really grabbed my attention. It combines accessibility with a professional approach to the topic. We are currently testing the game with a substantial number of employees. We see that they mostly enjoy the experience. The results of our testing and flexibility of the solution enables us to stay on track of our plan to replace cyber security e-learning with a platform that motivates employees to think about the topic and not just click-through what is necessary.

Milan Zrcek
Executive Manager for Information Risk Management, ČSOB

We decided for Clashing this year as a way of effectively replacing traditional tests used to verify the acquired knowledge of employees after cyber security training has taken place. In practice, it works by having each employee undergo instructor-led training, which is concluded interactively using the Clashing tool. This way, employees can test each other to find out whether they are able to protect the organisation or, conversely, try out the role of a hacker. I can sincerely recommend this fun form of training.

Martin Konečný
Manager, Cyber & Information Security, innogy Česká republika a.s.

This is our second year of training employees with the educational game Clashing. Although it isn’t mandatory training, almost 60% of employees take part every time, which we consider a great success. The training appeals to employees primarily for the chance to fight simulated hacking attacks and the game’s great graphics. Employees come away from the training with a feeling that security procedures are worth observing. Clashing now comes with the simpler alternative of training without duels and I believe that this variety will allow us to successfully involve the remaining 40% of our employees.

Leoš Klofáč
Risk, Compliance and Security Manager, Sazka a.s.

It’s not just your usual boring training. Clashing provides a playful way for your employees to learn about cyber security; it’s effective, does not take up much time and allows for a varying degree of engagement by your participants – the players. Most of my colleagues found this method to be better than our current solution.

Pavel Běhal
Security Architecture & Governance Manager, Česká spořitelna

As part of our transformation, we had been looking fora suitable digital tool to help us increase cyber security awareness among our employees. Clashing’s playful teaching method intrigued us. Employees do not even realize that they are learning. In 2022, we even managed to include Clashing into our annual education plan. To spice up the process, employees can also take part in a voluntary summer tournament. That is another element of Clashing that we enjoy – it connects our employees across continents.

Václav Chaloupka
Chief Digital Officer, ComAp

Clashing is well made – not just due its design (which is traditionally the most problematic part), but also its choice of topic – if you don’t know anything (or very little) about information/cyber security, this is a great way to learn a lot of practical stuff.

Daniel Bradbury Dočekal blog author and internet and security specialist

The school by play concept is hundreds of years old. The gamification of processes through technology has been around for a while as well. That’s why I’m delighted to finally see a good domestic solution that is not only functional, but also well designed. I can only recommend it!

Matěj Čuchna
Editor in Chief, ChannelWorld magazine

It has a great design. Every card (both offensive and defensive) offers insights and information that help you better understand what happened/is happening and why. I don’t know if this was deliberate, but some of the actions and moves are not 100% obvious. Personally, I believe it should be like this. If action-reaction were immediately clear, it would be not only boring, but also predictable. Clashing by Anect is certainly a great piece of work.

Daniel Bradbury Dočekal blog author and internet and security specialist

How Clashing works

Useful features for businesses

Easy management and operation

All you need for training is a computer and the Internet. Simply import a list of your employees and specify what they need to do.

Customisation for your organisation

We can customise the threats in Clashing to fit your business, or leave out those scenarios that don’t apply to you. You can also assign different environments to each.

Multilingual interface

Clashing can also be used in international teams – players can thereby use a different language and still play against each other.

Detailed reporting

Game administrators can monitor user activity and see the results. You can also see how your employees fare in their match-ups through reporting.

In accordance with standards

Clashing is compliant with current legislation and standards. It conforms to ISO 27001 and fully replaces traditional training tools. Forget boring training sessions, let your employees play Clashing.

Try Clashing within your company

Start training your employees in an effective and fun way.

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What do you ask the most

How to play Clashing?

Two employees play against each other (one as a hacker/attacker, the other as defender), or each can play against the computer. Having both points of view helps them understand why certain behavior is risky and how it can be exploited.

Do users need to have experience in other games to be able to play Clashing?

Not at all. Clashing is designed for everyone. It can be easily played by your accountant who is otherwise not interested in computer games at all.

What situations does the game cover?

The game currently offers the following settings: Office, Out-of-Office, Desktop & Mobile, Home-Office and Internet & Social networks. Other settings might be prepared in the future.

How long does it take to play Clashing?

One game takes approximately 15 minutes, so it’s easy to play during the lunch break. At the same time employees can play repeatedly or pause the game and come back later whenever they need.

Who is Clashing designed for?

Clashing is for companies that take their security and their employees seriously. It is designed as a training tool for everybody – from management through sales and marketing, all the way to accounting. Because security is about all of us.

Is Clashing for small or large companies?

Clashing is for companies and organizations of all sizes. There is no limit to the maximum number of accounts you can set up.

How much does Clashing cost?

The price for a license is based on the number of employees with access to the game. Contact us at and we’ll send you an e-mail with the current price list.

How is the game installed? Will somebody help me with that?

The game is designed as a cloud solution, so all you need to play it is a web browser. It’s easy to invite employees to the game using the admin interface. It’s so easy that anyone can do it. To introduce the game to your team you can also use our promo materials (such as office fliers). If you are interested, you can use the services of our consultants, who will be happy to help you install the game and communicate it to your employees.

What are the technical requirements and restrictions for implementing Clashing into my company?

All you need for the game is a computer with access to the Internet and at least 1024 x 768 px resolution. The game is compatible with all the most widespread browsers.
You need clear unblocked access to the domain: It may be that this domain is blocked on the proxy server as “gaming”, or websockets are blocked, etc.

Does Clashing bring other benefits?

Clashing primarily helps you reduce the risk of a security breach. On top of that, Clashing is also an innovative HR tool that your employees will love. You can host tournaments and duels between employees and use it to improve your corporate culture. Furthermore, companies that pay more attention to their security increase their reputation and credibility.