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How is Clashing different from regular cybersecurity training?

An educational online game that cultivates and reinforces correct habits for safe behaviour in cyberspace, corporate networks,offices or when working from home. With Clashing you can increase your company or organisation’s information security and cybersecurity and protect your data and know-how. Let your employees play Clashing and don’t give hackers a chance.

Training that really
isn’t boring

Clashing keeps users engaged, and enjoyable experiences lead to better retention. In the event of an actual threat, they respond swiftly and more effectively.

Realistic scenarios
for effective training

Clashing uses relatable real-life scenarios, both in-office and remote, that resonate with users.

Try the
attacker’s view

Employees gain valuable insights by experiencing the attacker's perspective, fostering safer behaviour. Additionally, they have the flexibility to choose their opponents.

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What happens next?

You will get an e-mail with your login details.
We will set you up with two demo accounts.
You can play against a colleague or the computer.
You will get access to the "Office" scenario for 14 days.
If you have any questions during testing, we are just an e-mail away at info@clashing.com or you can give us a call at +420 775 755 005
When your free demo is nearing its expiration, we will reach out to you to discuss your feedback on the game and explore the potential of integrating Clashing into your company.
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